Saturday, March 6, 2010

OCR and the Right Settings

What DPI should be set for optimal OCR Accuracy?

So. I get this question all the time and decided it might be good to post about it.  What is the best DPI setting for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

I have been at clients that erroneously believe the higher the DPI, the beeter the results, and feel pain whenever I see an OCR Scanner set beyond 300 DPI, and some even at 600 DPI!!  Holy cow, how do you handle those file sizes?

The fact remains that almost all OCR engines on the market are tuned and optimized for 300DPI for optimal conversion and recognition.  Going beyond this will provide no better results, and significantly increase your file size exponentially.  Most Document Capture companies provide image processing prioer to OCR that will allow you to scan at 200 DPI, with fairly consistent results.

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