Monday, December 7, 2009

Open Source OCR Software

Open Source OCR Software

The open source  movement has created some great OCR Software / Optical Character Recognition Software.  Below are links and info:

OCRopus OCR Software
This is a project sponsored by Google, and is a state of the art OCR application.  It is focused on high volume OCR needs, and includes a conversion engine, layout analysis, modeling and multi-lingual capabilities.

OCRopus OCR Software Download

GOCR OCR Application
Developed under the GNU Public License, is can be used with various front ends to convert immages to text, and is open to different image formats.

GOCR OCR Application Download

Tesseract OCR Engine
Engine developed by HP in the late 80s when OCR Software was in its infancy.  Google uses the engine in its OCRopus.  Document Capture companies like PSIGEN have made the Tesseract Engine an option for afvanced capture.

Tesseract OCR Engine Download

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