Sunday, December 13, 2009

What is Zone OCR?

What is Zone OCR?

Zone OCR Software provides the ability to focus in on just a single, or multiple, sections (zones) of a scanned document or image.  Converting specific zones to text is an important optical character recognition feature set, and one that can be applied in just about any business type.  Its main use is to harvest values from images, and utilize them as index values, to provide search capability later.  Not all zone OCR engines are equal, and you typically need a very accurate engine to produce the required results. Some accurate engines include Glyphreader, Recostar, Docustar and many others.

It is often imperative to "clean up" the zone prior to attempting the conversion to text.  Clean up can include line removal, despeckle, deskew, etc., which are found  in almost any product that provides OCR and Image Processing features.

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